A United States Owned and Operated Company that sells  All-Natural, Nutritional Hemp Foods and Hemp Beauty Aid products that are made from the finest organic hemp seeds from Manitoba, Canada (Certified Organic on request). All of Our Products are Certified Western Kosher Pareve (123). We work directly with the manufacturer and producer and in partnership with the Canadian Goverment to bring you the customer the highest quality Hemp Products Free of  Pesticides, Herbicides, Cholestrol, and Gluten. All our Hemp products are High in Omega - 3, Omega - 6 and all  20 Essential  Amino Acids 9 of which the human body does not produce.

Approximately 65% of the protein in Hemp Seeds is made up of Globulin Protein Edestin and is found only in Hemp Seed.  Edestin is considered the backbone of a cell's DNA. The remainder about 35% is Albumin another high quality globulin protein like that found in egg whites. All of our products are totally THC FREE. 

Whether you are looking for delicious all-natural Hemp Foods or all-natural Hemp Beauty Products, we have what you want at the very best and most competitive prices available to the public. Retailers may request Bulk and Wholesale Prices.

Hemp foods are expanding onto the shelves of
grocery and natural food stores across North America.

The Hemp Company of America and Hempillennium.com are at the fore-front in this Industry Featuring Our *Emerald Brand Names of Products*. By definition, these are foods containing whole hemp seeds or the oil nut (hulled seed) and or flour (ground seed cake) derived from the seeds which have great health and beauty benefits! Contact us today for more information on all of our hemp products. Examples of currently available hemp food products include nutrition bars, cookies, breads, salad dressings, granola, nut butter, chips, pasta, and cold-pressed oil products. Best of all hemp has a great taste. Fresh cold-pressed hemp oil and hemp nuts, particularly when toasted, add a wonderful nutty flavor to many dishes and packaged food products. Hemp nuts and oils are very attractive both nutritionally and culinarily, making them a truly modern food source for the entire world population.

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